National Scrapbooking Day, Austin Metro, & Fun Stampers Journey Sales....

I'm lucky, very lucky.  And blessed.  I love the way scrapbooking and paper crafting brings people together.  I've been fortunate enough to have joined a group of stampers here in the Austin area.  What's beautiful and unique about these women is how they support each other in everything.  You have a card idea, we will love it.  Wanna show us your cool video we will watch it, like it and share it.  You want to do a charity event, we will support it!   They are amazing.  But what's most amazing is how they embraced this Brooklyn northerner!   They have rallied around me in our group and in my business.   Why?  Simply because of our love of crafting.  Now, in celebration of the end of National Scrapbooking month, it's time for me to give back to our community!  

Please comment below with an answer to this question:

What is the most incredible paper crafting friendship event that has happened to you?  Once you have commented and answered, share this on your FB wall for others to answer.  You will get 2 entries to win the background stamp set from Fun Stampers Journey!  

So comment, share on FB wall and tag me in it so I can add you in!  Have fun y'all!  

Thanks guys, hope you do something to commemorate NSD!  

Fun Stampers Journey Brush Strokes item number SS-02015

Fun Stampers Journey Brush Strokes item number SS-02015

Stay blessed, crafty and happy!