Faith Art Friday - Lettering and Patience

I want to throw in the towel.  Yup.   Who needs one more craft?   I do!   And you do too!     Recently at church I heard a sermon about being stretched in our hope.   But,   I am taking a bit further,  I need to stretch myself into learning more.   Doing more things that I am not good at, is good for me, my brain and my spirit.  It teaches you things when you can't do something well.   It teaches you what you think of yourself, what faith you have, and where you need to go in your faith.  I had a conversation with my best friend about this lately, I have this need to take care of others so much that I don't leave time for myself.  Is that who I am in God's eyes?  Tired, exhausted and self demanding?   Am I this draft,  finished here, or can I improve and develop and become the masterpiece God has intended me to be.

I recently started a Faith Art group Wednesday nights where we unpack who we are in God's eyes.   I have never done that.    It's much easier to accept my faults and be self deprecating rather than accept who I am in the yes of the great I am.    I need to change this.  More of seeing myself as GOD sees me, and less of how I think of how others see me. 

I used Tombow and Spectrum Noir art liners.    I will say in short I prefer the Tombow markers because they make brush lettering easier for me.   The long length of the Tombow markers encourange  nicer, even strokes.  This is my very first Lettering peace and even though I have a long way to go, (just like my walk with God), I love it!  What do you think?   Have you tried brush lettering and if not why not???