My food journey begins in the hospital.   It was a Saturday, the day of my best friend's husband's 40th birthday (you still with me, LOL) and my heart kept beating oddly.   It hurt and grasped me tightly and I just couldn't shake it.  I tried and tried but it wouldn't go away.  Fast forward a couple of hours and I go to the hospital.   Thinking nothing of it, they put me in the back immediately, as the scary sounding "chest pains" put them on alert.   They hooked me up to all kinds of machines.   The one that scared the bejezus out of me was the heart rate monitor.   The bells kept going off!!  My heart rate was between 45 -50.   The oxygen levels kept lowering as well and weren't holding steady.   The doctor's came in and asked me tons of questions!   They asked me if I was an avid athlete, if I had had any previous problems, and see the problem was that no, I was extremely overweight at 179lbs and although I was a runner, soccer player and coach in my previous life, that had been at least 12-13 years since I had done that.   They let me go and told me to come back in if the pain continued, but this wasn't for 6-7 hours.   It was quite late by the time we left, but hell we made it to the party any way.    My visit with the cardiologist was eye opening.   I was a prime candidate for heart disease, my mother has it, my grandmother has it, and during the stress test they noticed one of my chambers doesn't beat right.   I wasn't Afib but it wasn't right either.   The cardiologist was telling me to lose weight immediately, (Duh, Why hadn't I thought of that!!) and to start exercising and my heart would probably get better.  

I was scared.   For the first time in my life I was scared.   During my regular check up post Cardiologist my personal physician had noticed I had a larger than usual Thyroid on the left side.   She tells me I should see a ENT immediately and get it sonogrammed.  She also advised me to start eating better.  She also told me to cut out pesticides immediately.   My doctor is one of those people who doesn't prescribe drugs immediately and would rather see the big picture.   She also believes in combining science with proven holistic practices that are tried and true.  

I get on the internet and start doing research on nasty pesticides and complete disruption of hormones, pituitary glands, reproductive organs, and even depression.   It only took one day for me to say, NO!  I will treat my body better and heal my body from the inside out.   

After several miscarriages, health problems, and a son who was born with an obvious gluten intolerance  I decided the best thing for me was to cut out as much outside food and make better choices in the items I did buy.   I hope you will to.

I welcome you to the journey!